Download Showbox for PC / Windows 7, 8, 10 (in 2020)

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                                                                12.3 MB, Version 2.1.34, for Android 4.3+

This new guide explores the 2 different methods to download ShowBox for PC. We have tested both the methods on our personal computers and both the methods are working at the time of writing this post.

Before talking about the method, let us first look at the minimum system requirements your windows PC.

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showbox for pc

ShowBox for PC Features and Requirement

Specifications Details
File Size 2.5 MB
Version v7.15
Category Movie streaming/TV show streaming
Operating System Windows 7/8/8.1/10
RAM Requirement Minimum 2 GB

Apart from a windows PC with the above-mentioned requirements, you’ll also need an internet connection to download the app and stream content.

Method #1

Download ShowBox for PC

In order to get Showbox for laptop or windows PC, you’ll have to download an android emulator. In this method, we will take bluestacks as the emulator. If you are looking to use showbox without bluestacks, go to method #2 given below. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:-

Step 1. Open your browser and go to

Step 2. On the Bluestack homepage, you’ll be able to see a green button on top of the page. Click on it.

Step 3. Now click on that button again and the download will begin. The file will be around 400 mb in size. Wait for few seconds.

Step 4. Now, open the setup file. You can find the file or the setup in the ‘downloads’ section.

Step 5. After opening the file, click on “run”. Now, the installation window will appear.

Step 6. Install the Bluestack emulator by following the required steps and agreeing to the terms.

Step 7. Now, open your browser again and download showbox apk for pc from a third party website.

Step 8. Once finished, go to downloads, right click on the file and select bluestacks in the “open with” option.

Step 9. The application will be installed in no time. In the app drawer, you will find the file.

Method #2

Download ShowBox for Windows using ARC Welder (Without BlueStacks)

It’s always good to have some options. So, we have also used ARC Welder to get ShowBox for PC without bluestacks.

Step 1. You need google chrome browser to run this software. You can install it from here.

Step 2. Then go to Chrome Extension > and Search ARC Welder.

Step 3. Get ShowBox APK from here

Step 4. You can choose any option, We would recommend you to go for full window mode.

NOTE: ARC welder is an alternative of Bluestack. When your Windows PC’s configuration is not up to the requirements you can choose the 2nd method. But we highly recommend any windows emulators like Bluestack or Andy because of their best compatibility and ease of use.

Features of ShowBox

  1. Accessibility: The app is very user-friendly and is very easy to navigate owing to its simple and clean interface.
  2. Platforms: Currently, it works on IOS, Blackberry, and Android. It works on desktops as well and runs smoothly on Mac and any version of Windows (including 10,7, 8 and XP).
  3. Quality: All the content offered is of HD quality. Other resolutions offered are 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. An uninterrupted, high-quality internet connection ensures a seamless viewing experience without any glitches.
  4. Streaming: It allows for both offline and online streaming owing to its inbuilt player. This means that you can get your favorite movies or TV shows and watch them later.
  5. Expense: Currently the application is completely free and doesn’t require a login.
  6. Ads:  In the latest modified version called Showbox Pro, there is even an option of removing all those annoying little pop-up ads which hinder the movie experience.  
  7. Segmentation of the content: It filters the content according to the genre, Year, Rating, and type. A search bar also is provided to make it easier for the viewers to search via keywords of their choice
  8. Language: It offers movies and content in a number of languages. There are also subtitles available and you can add your own subtitles if you wish to make changes.
  9. Screen Projection: You can easily project any movie of your choice on TV using Chromecast.

Disclaimer: We are just a fan site and we do not host any files on our server. The links provided in the article are found from the google search. We are against piracy and condemn it.

Is it legal to download ShowBox?


A lot has happened in the past two weeks, showbox was down then it came back. Few websites are showing a warning message. You can follow the updates from reddit.

The current scenario is that ShowBox is back and working absolutely fine.

A Note to the Users

We would like to clarify that we are not promoting ShowBox or any other copyright app or movie. This is just for the information purpose only. We do not own or promote any other app. It’s not a legitimate software to watch copyright movies. We recommend Netflix, Hulu, and other movie streaming apps.

In 2018, ShowBox windows application gained immense popularity in spite of having the heavyweight and well-funded apps like Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Crackle.

The reason is Simple, It’s free.

And You can even install it on windows PC using the links and methods given below.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room,

Is it legal to download or stream movies using Showbox?

This app uses torrents to stream the movies or TV shows to your computer, smartphone or tablet. So, It depends on you, if you are okay with the copyright infringement, use it.

It has no official website and no developer to talk to and this is why this app is a real pain for TV studios.

Further, unlike Netflix which works on a subscription-based model, this nifty app offers audio-visual content that is completely free.

Showbox FAQs

Q1. Is there a way to use showbox without bluestacks?

Yes, there is a way. Here’s the method:-

    1. Install “arc welder” extension for chrome (you can find it in chrome store).
    2. Once downloaded, click on “add app”.
    3. Now, open arc welder from the apps section on the top right.
    4. Click on “add your apk” and select the apk file that you’ve already downloaded in your PC.

Q2. Is it safe to use this application?

Despite being a free video content streaming platform, it is completely safe unlike torrent websites.

Q3. How to solve “Showbox, unfortunately, stopped” issue?

Launch the emulator, go to settings, select it and clear app data and cache. Now, restart the emulator and it should work perfectly.

Q4. Where can I download it?

For mobile users, It isn’t currently available on the Google Play store. The only possible way  to get it is either through its parent site or through third-party websites. So whether you are mobile user or looking the app for your PC, make sure that you download it only via trustworthy sites.

Q5. Is the Showbox safe to use on windows PC?

This app is completely safe to install and run on your device. It has been scanned through anti-virus software such as Norton, Avast and Kaspersky. The files have been tested and in our view, it is completely safe to use.

Q6. Are there legal implications to the Showbox?

The legality of this app depends upon the country of residence of the viewer as well as its laws. This application streams movies and TV shows from torrents and sources that are not technically acceptable to movie studios and can count as copyright infringement.

However, since It does not host any content on its own platform, it is less liable to be slapped with a lawsuit. Further, in many regions of the world, mobile streaming is completely clear of regulations. It is best to check your local laws for details.

Q7. How can I be safe while watching content on Showbox?

Since you can potentially be under the scanner of your government for copyright infringement, use a VPN line. It’ll ensure that your web usage is not detected by your internet service provider.

Q8 – Is showbox available for all the devices?

You can download it on most of the operating system and devices such as Roku, Smart TV, PS4 and even on your laptop. Sometimes it becomes quite complicated to install the android apps on your desktops due to the involvement of third-party apps like bluestacks. But we have actually tested all the methods given below on various devices and have installed it successfully without any glitches. Infact, above methods worked absolutely flawless while downloading showbox for pc.

This article has been peer reviewed and all the methods given below are working. You can watch the video for a quick walk through and install Showbox on your Windows devices. So, this is it on “showbox download for pc”. Please share your reviews and feedback through contact form.