Is Showbox Movie Streaming App Legal or Illegal and Safe to Download?

Who would not love a free streaming application that has the latest and trending shows? Showbox is one of the most trending applications that allows users to stream movies and videos for free. Downloading and installing the application is very simple and easy to follow. The application is available for both Apple and Android users. You have to be specific when downloading the Showbox file by specifying the type of device you are downloading it to.

Is Showbox Movie Streaming App Legal or Illegal and Safe to Use?

The Showbox app, unlike other applications, is not available in the Google play store or the Apple store. This has raised a lot of eyebrows to users who would wish to download the app but fear for their device’ safety. I am here to assure you that the application is safe to use but you can never be too sure. You will have to download any anti-virus application that will protect your phone from malware infestation.

Well, do not get me wrong when I tell you to protect your devices. In this time and era, your device can be infected by any virus from the web. Be it a page you accidentally opened or a file you downloaded. Malware is evidently everywhere and it is better to have prevention for that.

Below are a few reasons as to why Showbox is considered safe and legal;

  • The Software application – The Showbox app has not been tested and accepted under Google or Apple conditions and that is why it is not available in any of the play stores. The application is however properly functioning and labeled as the most downloaded streaming app in 2018. There have been no major complaints of the application not fully functioning as it’s meant to be. The only disadvantage the application has is that it does not have a site where its users can easily talk to the developers concerning a few errors.
  • Legal – Showbox is downloaded to devices as a file. The app allows users to download movies if they so wish to watch it later. When downloading a movie, the application tends to get the movie through many sources. The files can be picked from anywhere even from the anti-piracy organization which will put you in so much trouble. This can be considered as stealing. Streaming of shows on Showbox is legal and has been accepted in the market. Therefore you can watch it with no fear that you will be caught in trouble.

Showbox is an application that can be downloaded off the internet without any malware problems. It does not have any illegal constraints holding its users back from using it. It is one of the best apps to stream movies and videos with.

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