How to Install Showbox on Roku TV – Updated 2018

showbox for roku tv

With ShowBox now being available on several different platforms, you are now able to stream all your favorite shows on just about any operating system there is. With the new establishment of compatibility with Roku TV, you can now enjoy feature-rich, free, and top of the line services on ShowBox via your Smart TV and Roku.

ShowBox for Roku Installation

You can begin to enjoy ShowBox on Roku TV with the following quick, easy steps.

  •    First and most importantly, you need a fast internet connection, through which you need to connect both your Roku Smart TV and your Smartphone. This will allow you to easily sync both devices and make the process a lot faster.
  •    Depending on your Roku TV settings, you can either use the cast screen option if you have the app or the Screen Mirror option, again this will depend on which of the two you have available on your Smart Phone and Roku TV. It is also important to note that the mirroring app needs to be the same, and it needs to be connected through the same Wi-Fi.

  •    The next step is to enable the casting feature on both devices, this will allow you to sync your phone to your Roku TV interface. You can find this options in the settings page of your Roku TV
  •    Once everything is in line, use the Screen mirror/Cast Screen option to link your Smartphone to your Roku TV. Note that you will be running ShowBox from your phone, the mirroring option here is what will enable you to see your Phone’s interface on your Roku TV and to play all your favorite shows.
  •     This mirroring process works a lot like pairing Bluetooth devices, so it might take up a bit of time. If the devices aren’t visible at first, don’t panic, just restart the process. Sometimes the devices are visible, but they take too long to pair, all you have to do is un-pair, search again and then pair again. It is pretty simple. Note that you don’t have to restart your phone, or your Roku TV, this process is much simpler.
  •    Once the casting process is complete, your phone screen will be the display on your Roku TV, so essentially, everything you see on your phone will show up on your TV screen as well. At this point, all you have to do is find the ShowBox app on your Smartphone, select your favorite movie, set the ‘screen rotate’ on, and begin watching.
  •    Lastly, ShowBox on Roku TV also enables you to pick a resolution based on your preference. This means that depending on the device you are using, there is an icon on the screen of your ShowBox interface that enables you to change the clarity of the picture, and to increase and decrease the quality to your liking.

ShowBox is all about entertainment value, and with its quality, unmatched features, you will be able to find and enjoy all your favorite shows for free, and in high definition.