Download ShowBox App on iPhone – Watch Unlimited Free Movies

Although ShowBox hasn’t been compatible with IOS platform for a while, it has been popular with iPhone users for quite a long time. There are a lot of questions about how to successfully run this online streaming app without getting constant error reports. That is what this article seeks to address. You need to note that you cannot effectively run ShowBox app if the installation process is flawed. The plan here is to show you how to properly download and install the program, so you can get around to enjoying all the great value it has to offer.

ShowBox Download on IOS

Understand that the IOS play store does not have ShowBox. So you can’t access it directly, rights issues. It is, however, available under a different name. So you will need to be more specific if you want a more refined search result. Or alternatively, you can download it from the ShowBox official site which has different .APK file extensions to choose from. This will allow finding one that works for you


  •    You need to locate the vShare freeware extension on your iPhone. This is pretty much the place you’ll be doing all the work. Like on Android, you will need to allow downloads and installations from third party sources. This means clicking on the ‘TRUST’ icon when required to. This allows your iPhone to give app permissions to download sources other than the mainstream ones.
  •    Once you get to the freeware, you can now do a refined search for ShowBox. Once you have everything ready, you will need to type ShowBox on the search bar to enable a more specific search.
  •    Once you’ve found this app, you will need to click on ‘TRUST’ again so you can get app permission from your iPhone. What this does is to facilitate a smoother process, it allows you to download ShowBox without having to constantly worry about downloads from unknown sources and malware. You do however have to ensure that you’re installing this app from a reliable source.
  •    Once the app is successfully installed, you will be able to view, download and enjoy all the latest movies and TV series. The options here range in the hundreds, so you need to be target specific in order to ensure you don’t spend the better part of your day going through hundreds of movies trying to find one that you like. Luckily, with ShowBox, you get a search bar that allows you to type in the movie you want, or the TV show, with pop-ups that show you the latest episode.

ShowBox gives you entertainment value at the peak of its powers. You get plenty of movies to choose from, great options in terms of picture quality, and you it’s easy to use. It is not just a streaming site, you can also download and save movies you like and watch them later in case you are short on time, you can pause and pick up where you left off, and you don’t have to worry about ads popping up all the time.