Download Showbox on iOS (iPhone and iPad): Movie App for Mac Users

You’re always struggling to take out time to head to your nearest movie theatre for the latest movie, and just wish to have a FREE online application to get everything in one place. Showbox has heard you! Even though it’s an Android application, it’s now fully compatible with iOS as well! Yes, you heard it right; you can watch unlimited movies and TV series on your iOS device with Showbox.

iOS as a software allows downloads only from the Apple resources which makes it more secure and safe. Showbox as an application is not available on the apple store but you can download another version of the same i.e. MovieBox.  Now, that was for your iPhone and iPad devices.

When it comes to Mac, the procedure is comparatively simpler. And the add-on is the excellent iOS interface which enhances your Showbox movie experience. Plus the app is free and comes with regular updates so you’re not missing out on the latest entertainment. Without wasting any further time, let’s get going and learn how to install this wonderful application on your iOS devices.

You can download ShowBox for PC from the method given here.

Here’s a guide to download Showbox on your iPhone/ iPad-

  • Firstly, lay your hands on vShare freeware from
  • Install the application and you’ll notice a pop-up “TRUST”.
  • Click on “Trust”.
  • Search for Movie Box app and install it.
  • Once again, click on “TRUST”.

That’s it. You’re all set for binge watching!

We’ve covered up the download for the Mac guys too. This is what you need to follow-

Showbox is an android application; and therefore you will need an emulator to run it. Some of the famous ones are- Bluestacks, ARC Welder, and Genymotion. These are trusted and easy to use. We highly recommend Bluestacks as it has an amazing interface and smooth navigation.

Here’s how you can get Showbox via Bluestacks-

  • Download Bluestacks for your Mac device from
  • Open up the setup file and follow the installation procedure.
  • Search for Showbox Apk and install it on your Bluestacks.
  • You’re ready to use Showbox on Mac.

If you’re trying via Genymotion then-

  • Register on and download the Mac version.
  • Install as per the give instructions and launch genymotion.
  • Click on “add device” and choose from the given options to run as a virtual device.
  • Double click on the device and download Showbox Apk on your Mac.
  • Drag the Apk file to the virtual device which will install Showbox.

Many Mac users are fond of Chrome and thus it makes it easier to use Showbox by adding the ARC Welder chrome extension. Here’s what you need to do-

  • Google ARC Welder and add the extension to chrome.
  • Open a new tab and click on “Apps” icon. You will find ARC Welder here.
  • Select the choose option save it to one of your drives.
  • Download the Showbox Apk and open ARC Welder.
  • You will see “Add Apk” click on It and import Showbox Apk.
  • After Showbox is installed, choose your preferences and hit on “Test”.

That was it for your iOS devices. Sit back, enjoy and relax.

However, there is always a lag we go through while downloading something new on our devices.  Therefore, we’ve got some FAQs in place.

1. Why can’t I connect to the vShare Helper?

A. You need to select on the “Trust” option to allow it to work on your device.

2. I’ve got a jailbroken iPhone, any solution?

A. This should solve your problem  .


3. Why do I get a connection error when I open Showbox on my iOS device?

A. You need to update the app with vShare Helper. Steps are DownloadUpgradeShowbox.

4. Why do I get the pop-up of “Insert Apple Id” frequently?

A. Reauthorize Showbox via vShare and reopen the app.

5. Any good substitute for Showbox + Localcast for iOS?

A. Yes, Movie Box + Any good player. Also, you may want an add blocker.