Showbox App for iPad | Download latest Version 2018

A free selection of movies and series can turn a dull, uneventful day into fun for the whole family. With ShowBox, you can now watch all the latest videos on any device, from your IPad to your Smart TV, iPhone, and Android Smart Phone. With all the constant updates, you can now keep up to date with new releases, movie sequels, series continuations, all at the click of a button.

How to Get ShowBox on your iPad

ShowBox works mostly on Android-based devices, but the recent popularity it has gained from iOS users has made necessary to create a platform where iPad users also get a chance to get in on the action. Fortunately, with a few key, easy steps, you can now enjoy this top-of-the-line entertainment hub on your iOS iPad.

Follow these Steps:

You’ll need four main things here. A Windows PC, your IPad, a good internet connection, and a USB connection cable. Each item on this list has a specific function. Make sure you have all these ready before you begin.

  •    First, you need to install the vShare app on your Computer. You can get it from the vShare website. Try not to download it from a random third party site, it may be a deceptive duplicate that may end up damaging your device. The download will only take a few minutes
  •    The next step involves installing freeware on your PC. This is the equivalent of your emulator for android, it will allow you to run the ShowBox app without a hitch.
  •    After installing both the freeware and vShare, you will now need to connect your IPad to your PC via the USB connection cable. Then you need to go to options on your IPad and select ‘Trust this Computer’. This allows you to share apps through both devices.
  •    Once you get to this point, the IOS version of vShare will automatically install on your IPad. You can then open the vShare app, search for ShowBox and download it. There are however some compatibility issues that may arise, so if you can’t find ShowBox on the apps list, then you can look for ‘Moviebox’ which is pretty much the same app, just a different name.
  •    Once the app is successfully installed. You will need to go to settings, then to device management, then choose the Enterprise app. You’ll get a pop up that will require you to choose between ‘Trust’ and ‘Cancel’. Clicking on trust will allow the app to run uninterrupted, so you get to watch all the best movies and TV shows on your IPad.
  •    The app will appear on your menu bar, you can choose anything from your best series to the quality of the picture, all from the user-friendly interface that ShowBox comes attached to.

ShowBox gives you free, constant uninterrupted entertainment every day. No sign ups, no premium membership fees, no annoying ads in the middle of your favorite movie. You get the best picture quality, and you can download your favorite TV show on your IPad and watch it as many times as you want!