How to fix and Solve the Showbox Server and Video Errors?

Showbox, like most streaming sites, is prone to crashing and multiple error reports. This is mainly due to its expanse from just being an Android-based to being available on other major operating systems like IOS and PC. Although developer support is one of its key features, there are ways you can resolve these error reports without the need for an expert opinion.

How to fix and Solve the Showbox Server and Video Errors?

Showbox server error solution

How effective your Showbox app works depends heavily on how efficient the installation process was. Most errors are usually a result of an incomplete or faulty installation process. This is why it is advisable to constantly update the app. This gets rid of previous complications that may have resulted from installation issues.  

In case you update your app and it still gives these error reports, then this is what you should do.

  • Go to settings/options
  • Click on APP manager
  • Click on Showbox
  • Click on clear data. This is mainly aimed at clearing all the data, which will by extension clear all the corrupted files as well
  • Reboot your app, then try to run it again.

Showbox Video not available

Ensure you download the app from a trusted source, this cannot be emphasized enough. Many people don’t realize that about half the problems that occur on Showbox are a direct result of downloading it from a shady source. You may get an app that is faulty, or in most cases, you may get an app that is outdated. If you still can’t access the video you want, then try these few steps

  • Check below the video. Usually, there is a list of servers you can choose from. The reason the first one may not be working may be due to several reasons, perhaps the person who uploaded it took it down, or perhaps the quality wasn’t great. Try select another server from the list, see if that works.
  • If you still get the error report, then update your Showbox app to the latest version. This is usually the last resort, it is, however, the more effective of the two.
  • If an update doesn’t work, then it’s a developers’ problem, so you’ll have to wait for the video to be uploaded again.

Showbox App stopped  (Complete Solution)

This is another common problem that many online streamers have to contend with. It is a simple file corruption, and it happens quite frequently. It is usually caused by corrupted files, which you will need to clear before you can get your app, up and running again.

The most effective way to ensure your Showbox app works is to ensure you make regular updates, this will get rid of corrupted files and ensure you get the best possible viewer experience

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