Hey Siri, Tell me The Best Music Videos of 2019?

If you sway to the groovy videos like nobody is watching, here is a list that should excite you! Here I am listening to all those tracks, giving me that soothing ache at the back of my head and making a list of the coolest 5 backdrops for you my friend, exclusively for you to add to your library. Can I please take a moment to express my regards towards the smoothness these songs have and the yum transitions which make me float every time they touch my strokes.

Over that, can we please appreciate the fact that the charts and hearts are ruled by all these queens breaking all those barriers. YOU GO, GIRL! Also, all hail to queen Beyonce who is in the hearts but not on the list right now, but there’s always the next time.

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The Best Music Videos of 2019

  1. Grace VanderWaal – “Stray”

    It is a music video that powerfully and nicely captures the pain and dilemma of growing up of a teenager that Grace is. The song by the 15-year-old teen perfectly captures her life that is “far from any other average kid”. The song tells the story of finding a way through the unsure grounds as one grows up. The lyrics capture the ways personality of a kid develops and matures along with his/her age. Directed by Blyth Thomas, the music video is themed on adulthood and identity. VanderWaal is portrayed wandering through the desert, dressed in black and white, bicycling blindfolded.

  2. Zedd, Katy Perry – “365”

    American hit singer Katy Perry collaborated with Russian-German producer and pop dancer Zedd for “365” music video. It was released on 14 Feb 2019. Directed by Warren Fu, this pop sci-fi video is sure to capture your attention. Katy fans are going gaga over this music video as it is her comeback album after “Witness” that was released back in 2017. You will see Katy as an AI or a robot with artificial intelligence. Zedd is the human test subject. The theme of the video is how the AI is on a date with human and finds compatibility. The song “365” is on dedication to love and how the AI feels strongly connected with Zedd, the human.

  3. Ariana Grande – “Break up with your girlfriend. I’m bored”


    As you can guess well from the lyrics of the song, this is a number on Ariana’s lesbian fantasies. The music video features her in a serious lusty state as she watches Riverdale’s Charles Melton at a crowded party. Fans are speculating if the song is hinted at her relationship with her ex-Big Sean. This music video is in fact, the final one in a 12-tracks long album released this year of Ariana. This is an interesting and captivating music video that you are sure to enjoy.

  4. Lizzo – “Juice”


    Melissa Jefferson aka Lizzo has collaborated with a few artists in 2019 for her latest release “Juice”. The music video was released on the 4th of January this year. If you have been looking for something trippy, happy, and dance-able, here’s your pick! The music video features serious retro themes. It brings the memories of the yesteryears about talk shows, beauty-care products, fitness commercials, and reality shows from 70’s television. To add to everything, Lizzo’s carefree personality and presence make the video an instant hit among the music lovers. It is a song and a music video that is all about feeling good about oneself. The music video has been produced by Ricky Reed, and the soundtrack is an instant hit with Lizzo herself.

  5. Billie Eilish – “Bury a friend”


    You must have seen some creepy stuff from Billie Eilish in the past. This time too it’s a song and a corresponding music video that is made from the perspective of a monster underneath the bed. The best part of the music video is the lyrics itself. It’s through the words that this song got a scary, ethereal, and deep feeling, In Billie’s own words, “‘bury a friend’ is literally from the perspective of the monster under my bed. If you put yourself in that mindset, what is this creature doing or feeling? I also confess that I’m this monster because I’m my own worst enemy. I might be the monster under your bed too.” If you like creepy things, this is just for you! At one shot in the video, there’s a guy who is sleeping on the bed and Billie lying down the bed just under him. Just watch it to know it.

How about the list, y’all?

So, now you know what’s new and trending. There are still a few more months for 2019 to end and I am here for the hotcakes to drop. There could be more releases and hits in those months. Till the next list of best music videos of 2019 is released, watch these and stay tuned.

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