Best Apps To Produce Music On Your iPhone

Music surrounds us everywhere. At work, at school, in a restaurant, in a store, she is everywhere. I, for example, can not live without it at all, and when I write these lines, Linkin Park plays my background. As a musician, music applications on my iPhone are very important to me, because access to a computer with a synthesizer is not always there, but the idea that came to mind, it is at such moments that there is nowhere to record, except on the iPhone. And sometimes you just want to be pampered, make a couple of mixes, for example. Today, I would like to tell you about such applications, which allow you to sketch the idea on the road in a simple way, and just play with the creation of music.

1. Crossfader

Crossfader is a simple application for creating your own mixes and publishing them. In fact, Crossfader consists of only one screen, so to speak. It shows two musical plates. Each track has a track recorded, and in order to bring them together, you just need to rotate the device to the right and left, making the louder the right or left track, respectively. All. The rest for you will make the application. The only disadvantage of Crossfader is that you can not use tracks from your library, only from the application library. But there are a lot of tracks, and they are all free, just like the application itself. It is worth noting that the application works without access to the Internet, so that you can listen to created mixes at any time and in any place.

2. Figure

Figure is also a fairly simple application for creating electronic music. In the application there are 3 types of instruments: drums, bass guitar, and keyboards. Each group has its own settings, having tuned which, you can record a good melody. The application also has a mini mixer, which allows you to adjust the sound level, individually for each instrument. Also for each group there are their own effects that change the sound of a particular instrument. In general, the application is pretty good, and nice to use, especially when you consider that it costs only 33 rubles.

3. GarageBand

This application is already more serious than what I wrote earlier, but of course, it can not be compared with its desktop version. Here, unlike Crossfader and Figure, there are a lot of synthesizers, guitars, string orchestral instruments, a drum set with a drum machine, a sampler, and much more. The application is easy to learn, and does not require any special musical skills, except, of course, musical notation. GarageBand for iOS is an ideal option to write down a simple idea that came to mind, for example in the metro, on the way home, and at home continue to finish it on the MIDI keyboard, and GarageBand version for OS X. Well, in case of emergency to indulge with friends in a boring lecture. Click here to know you can get garageband for pc working on your dekstop!

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